Visitor Visa

You may need to apply for a visitor visa if you intend to stay temporarily in New Zealand, but you don’t intend to study or work.

If your home country is on visa-waiver list, you can enter New Zealand without a visa, depending on how long you want to stay. If you are not from a visa-waiver country you will need a visa.


When you apply for a visitor visa, Immigration need to know that:

  • you are in good health
  • you are of good character
  • a visitor visa fits your purpose for coming to New Zealand, and
  • You are a bona fide temporary visitor.

Your passport:

You will need to provide your passport with your application. The passport must be valid for at least three months past the date you are to leave New Zealand, or one month past the date you intend to leave if the government issuing your passport has consular representation in New Zealand.

During your stay

If you are granted a visitor visa you need to meet certain conditions during your stay.

  • You may not work while you are in New Zealand (unless you are granted a work visa).
  • You may not study for more than three months while you are in New Zealand (unless you are granted a student visa).
  • You must keep within New Zealand’s laws.
  • You must only stay in New Zealand for the time allowed by your visa.

If you breach any of these conditions you may become liable for deportation.

Sharva migration can assist you for applying visitor visa for your family members or convert your invalid visa into visitor visa as per circumstances.

Visitor visa categories we assist with include:

  • General visitor VISA for family members of residents and citizens
  • Business visitor to explore opportunities in New Zealand
  • Partners/children of work visa, student or residence visa holders
  • Guardian visas for parent or guardian of an international student aged 17 years and below
  • Visiting New Zealand for medical treatments or consultation
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Sujit has been amazing at every step of my visa process. The paperwork was flawless and we succeeded in very smooth and very fast turnarounds for my Skilled Work Visa.


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